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Attracting Dream Candidates


Vizio is a leader in the SmartTV space. They needed help creating compelling copy for job posts that would attract the types of top quality engineering candidates that would help them grow.
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VIZIO, Inc., headquartered in Irvine, California, is America’s Smart TV and Sound Bar Company. VIZIO's mission is to be the industry leader in Consumer Electronics by consistently delivering the latest technologies at the most affordable price.

VIZIO's brand promise is to deliver innovative, premium-quality consumer electronics with an unwavering focus on the needs of our consumers.  


Powerful entertainment experiences come from brilliant teams, and, at VIZIO, we work together to deliver the latest SmartTV and Sound Bar Technology across the world.

We’re made up of skilled engineers who care about the people they work with, the work they create, and the teams they nurture.

Vizio wanted to enhance their hiring process. They wanted to create job postings crafted to draw dream candidates to them like bees to honey.

While their current job descriptions were clear, they didn't articulate what was unique and special about Vizio or help job seekers determine if they were a good culture fit.

Enter Tell Tell Copywriting.

What we did...

  • Discovery: We reviewed Vizio's current strategy from top to bottom including culture, open roles, team wants and needs, and goals.
  • Analysis: We analyzed the needs and wants of dream candidates and the descriptions by current employees, in order to discover what distinguished Vizio as a quality employer. While Vizio is a recognized brand name and an industry leader, they also happen to be super chill with the way they approach work. They listen to each other, they have no hierarchy that you might find in a traditional company, and they actually care about their team members. This sets them apart, but it was not being communicated in their job descriptions.
  • Strategy: Using these insights and working in concert with their leadership team, we crafted a clear strategy to attract their ideal candidates.
  • Compelling copy: We leveled up Vizio's job postings by articulating what differentiates the firm as an employer.

The Results...

We created job postings that highlight what differentiates Vizio as a quality employer— friendly team members, volunteer opportunities, supporting each other’s team growth, and being open to helping each other learn and innovate without worrying about the pressure of having to perform.

This resulted in high quality postings that the hiring managers were proud of and candidates were excited about.