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We both know you’ve got a lot going on (and you do it well!) but it’s time to get serious about something that’s going to keep giving you returns even after you stop looking at it. Your copy—whether it’s for your website, your next video, or your next brand. We’ll get the confetti.

Together, we’ll dig into your structure, your entrepreneurial dreams, your testimonials, your client feedback, and your current branding, and then we’ll emerge with a message and voice and tone that's so you, you’ll want to snuggle up next to it in bed. Sweet dreams. Finally.

Kallie takes the overwhelm out of creating copy.
Seana Peele, Founder & Creative Director, BrandHabit
Kallie feels like an extension of our team.
Dominique Farnan, Founder/CEO, DotConnect
Kallie knows how to combine factual info with artistic sensibility.
Wynne Stallings, Owner, SoulSpring Counseling

Website Audit

When you cry over your web copy while listening to The Smiths, it does give you some edge, but it does not help you build the business that will make them come. When you start with a copy audit, you’ll hone in on exactly WTF is not working and exactly how to make it work right.
  • Upgrade Headlines
  • Get Catchy Calls to Action
  • Delete Drab Copy
  • Refresh Sales Pages
  • User Test Current Copy

Website Copy Strategy

I know it’s overwhelming, tedious, and even downright scary to write copy if you don’t know what the freak you’re doing. Guess what? I’m the freak, and I’ll help you figure out what to do!
  • Website Audit
  • Client Interview + Brainstorming Session
  • Voice of Customer Interviews
  • Mission Statement Development
  • "Breath of Fresh Air" Treatment to Discover Your Differentiators
  • Brand Story Strategy
  • Web Copy Plan, with Site Architecture Suggestions

Full Site Copy

Yeah, you have your business and some clients, but you need more. A lot more. The homepage copy, the services text, the compelling contact us page, the sales page, you name it. We deliver it. Like those hot and ready pizzas from Domino's, except good for you.
  • Client Interviews
  • Homepage Copy
  • Services Page Copy
  • About Us Copy
  • Validation + Testing
  • Creative Direction + Copy Implementation
So you have to take it up a notch to capture their attention. That's where we electric slide in with the following support.
  • Client Interview
  • Brainstorming Session
  • Video Script Content
  • Creative Direction
  • Voiceover Artist Acquisition
  • Video Title
  • Animation
  • Post-Production Support


Got a new product, line, business idea or rebrand but your 1990s name is holding you back? Fear not, friends. I’m going to create names you can run with, names you can walk slowly with toward your future dreams, and names that will help you blow everyone else out of the hot tub.
  • Naming development
  • Cross-check against TESS and Google
  • Cross-check against domain availability

Sales Page Copy

If we were valley girls, I would say that you, like, totally need a new sales page, ya know? It's not enough to slap some words on a page anymore. Just kidding. That was never enough, but it's 2023. People don’t take action unless your sales copy is amazing.
  • Client Interview
  • Brainstorming Session
  • Customer Interviews
  • Full Sales Page Copy
  • SEO Support
  • Validation + Testing
  • Creative Direction + Copy Implementation

Whatever your 💖 desires

Got a new program, offering, or course? Need some help naming your new brand, or product line? Want to WOW some new audience members with your sweet brochures? Need to develop a new voice and tone so your one and only doesn't have to stay lonely? Get on that good good by partnering up with someone who can help you relaunch, rebrand, or get going in the first place.
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Course Content Development
  • Brochures
  • Brand Naming
  • Product Naming
  • Print Products