Weirdly right.

Tell Tell Copywriting


For BadAss Business Owners

What if you had a little candy-filled trap to excite your most brilliant customers? And what if that trap contained an underground dance party where every participant had to come dressed like a Hello Kitty goth*? I’m gonna make you that type of cult sensation. And then into a sellout sensation.

I’m not here to give you “the right words in the right order” like the other guys. I’m here to push your comfort level. To uncover your true voice with an approach that blends your goals and your audience’s dreams into a single word-based package. A package that sounds uniquely like you and flows from a data-driven approach based on hard facts gathered from your ideal clients. 

The result is smart, effective copy that helps your people know they are your people. 

*Did you guys know that Hello Kitty’s real name is Kitty White?!!?
Would I recommend Kallie? Not to my competitors.
Gulliver Farnan, State of Nowhere
Kallie works so fast that I’m not completely convinced that she hasn't cloned herself!
Seana Peele, Founder & Creative Director, BrandHabit
Kallie is magic. But don't take my word for it. Visit her site. Pure magic.
Suzanne Reeves, Art+Soul Design

I'm for you if...

People recognize you for your...

—unflinching humor—
—genius-level insight—
—purple hair—
—bang-on business savvy—

...but your copy isn’t as fabulous as you. You’re definitely not boring, so let’s make sure your copy isn’t either.

When I come in, we get things moving in the direction you have been hoping for. The one you really wanted but needed a little encouragement for. The one that gave you butterflies.

Come on, let’s gather your caterpillars. Sure, you need new copy. And you’ll get it. You need new sales pages and emails and a better way to talk about your brand, but what you really need is that other thing. The piece you’ve been missing.

I have sparklers and copy glitter, so let’s turn you into that cult sensation they’re waiting for.