Wondering who the heck is behind the David Lynchian velvet curtain of Tell Tell Copywriting?

Meet Kallie

Heyo, I’m your resident poetry-loving electric girl who is obsessed with the term chicken nug and having a good time while making you more conversions. I escaped the corporate world after 10 years of managing projects, writing ads, teaching writing, mentoring, editing magazines, crafting full site copy, and supporting client needs. 

I still know and use the rules of the game—I craft compelling copy that converts, but now I wear comfier pants and work with people I adore.

As a poet-turned-copywriter (who is very much still a poet…) I'll help you run circles around your competition.

After getting a B.A. in English, an MFA in poetry, publishing a book, and helping hundreds of others publish their work, I partnered with some of the world’s most courageous brands. 

Tell Tell Copywriting was started for the wonderful weirdos who don’t want to sound like everyone else. Who want to create a unique voice that fits them like a faux-fur-lined glove. Who want to be cult sensations turned next-big-things.

You’re my people.1
Ping me and let's make some magic!
1. Kallie is not for everyone. She is not for people who are boring, unpleasant, or planning on becoming unpleasant. You need simple conversational abilities to be able to work with Kallie. Tell your business partner if you’re currently taking other copy advice, require everything to move at a snail's pace, or if you experience spontaneous sleeping after reading your own web copy. This may be a sign of rare, but seriously bad copy. If you have snoozeworthy copy, you may be at an increased risk for loss of sales, lack of support, and weakening of your financial systems due to inactivity.