WTF is voice and tone?

Uh, wtf is voice and tone?
Voice and tone help distinguish you from everyone else. Without them, you’ll start to sound generic, like those late night TV infomercials. Or worse, like your competitors.


Voice is your forever personality. It’s why your mother can recognize it’s you when you call.
Tone is the difference between how you sound when you call your mom on a good day and how you sound when you call your mom while PMSing. You’re still you, you just sound a little more pissed.
How about an example?
Cindy and Windy both own ice cream shops on the same block.
Cindy is a bit more tame: her ice cream is all natural, organic, and made from sheep’s whatnots and things. She cares the most about honesty, transparency, and being seen as a professional, friendly ice cream shop owner. The kind of owner you might pluck out of the 1940s. 

Windy is a bit more windy, so her ice cream shop focuses on horror-movie themed ice cream. Weird? Definitely. Delicious? Decidedly. She doesn’t give a flick about convention and she leads with surprise, kitsch, and the macabre.  Think Elvira Mistress of the Dark meets Ben & Jerry's.

Both Cindy and Windy are launching a new ice cream flavor and need to announce it on their websites. What they say and how they say it should be different, as they have very distinct brand personalities. 

Celebrate winter with a chocolate treat wrapped in luxurious caramel layers before it sells out.  

Snatch IScream Bliss—our velvety chocolate caramel-drizzled dessert to die for—before it's laid to rest.
Can you guess which witch is which? The magic of voice and tone helps each of them express their just right weirdness in a way that fits their brand and attracts their ideal customers.

We create voice and tone magic for non-fictional business owners too

“Kallie's able to capture the tone and brand essence of each of my clients, even when they are from completely different industries—from the jewellery designer to therapist to more holistic clients. She's able to adapt to the client and the voice that they need. She's perfect.”
—Seana Peele, Founder & Creative Director, BrandHabit
“We hired Kallie to develop a brand and tone guidelines for our team to ensure a consistent brand experience. She was able to craft a tone and voice that was a good fit our brand. While it initially was only intended for internal use, we now use part of it to introduce who we are to clients.”
—Dominique Farnan, Founder/CEO, DotConnect
“Kallie clarified our tone and helped me understand the importance of getting very specific in order to get through to people.”
—Kiley Zeiler, Founder, The Rest
“When I need copy that will not just stand out as exceptional, but truly represent the flavor of the brand and the personality of my client, Kallie is the only writer I'll work with.”
—Suzanne Reeves, Brand Strategist & Creative Director, Art+Soul Design