Why would I hire you when I can go on Fiverr?

I paid Fiverr writers to give me a new headline. Here's what happened.

With a plethora of ways to hire talent on the cheap these days, I had to ask myself the same question I hear from prospective clients. Why should you hire me when you can go on Fiverr?

Instead of responding to that question by going on about my brilliant benefits, a recitation of all my skills, and a deep dive into the results I’ve given my clients, I decided to hire some Fiverr writers to craft my response for me.

Here was my brief:

Here’s who I hired:

Here’s what I got:

And this:

So...would you hire me?

Must I go on?

Now, it does make me excited for the world of clickbait content. And I am excited that people can make money working from home. Don’t get me twisted: I support writers, and in fact, sometimes I pay them too.

But, I do not support the idea that we should pay people the lowest possible amount of money and expect great results.

I don’t believe we need more content. I don’t believe we need more clickbait.

I believe in doing good work for good clients with wild concepts, and I think we can all work a little harder to bring good into the world.

So to recap: you can go to Fiverr. And you can get $5-quality work.

Then you can come show me the work and we can talk about why it adds more mud to the rainy-day story that is the world of copy.

Here’s to sunnier days.