Have ye Questions?

Have Ye
May I see samples of your work?
Please! You can peep some samples here and/or email me for additional samples.
Do you have, like, credentials?
Oh, you mean like an MFA, a BA, 10 years of experience in the industry, advanced knowledge of CMoS, APA, MLA, and AP style guides, and the love of some of the most badass companies in the world? Check, mate.
Can you, um, write in a more “professional tone?”
Certainly. The content and tone of voice you see here is for my brand and based on deep insights into my ideal clients.

When we work together, it is my honor and duty to explore the specific desires, pain points, and worries of your clients, and I will ensure that your copy reflects your brand and speaks to your ideal audience.

I’ve written for the world’s biggest banks, innovative SaaS companies, health + wellness leaders, CEOs, business executives at pharmaceutical companies, and I’ve even written copy for construction companies. Writing is a craft and a skill, and I use both data and creativity to make sure I’m meeting your objectives and goals.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I have worked with clients whose tones were sterile, professional, and otherwise nothing like the copy you see on most of my pages here.

I pride myself on my ability to offer a flexible voice that matches your vision, and as a professional voice expert, I understand how to match your tone--down to the subtleties and microcopy.

(How did I do?)
Can you help me explore my new business idea?
Absolutely. I've helped people think through their next venture, expand upon their new product line, and gather their courage to pursue that I-always-wanted-to dream.
Can you help clarify my brand?
Absolutely. I partner with a truly stellar brand strategist. She provides guidance for developing your new brand, thinking through the design and visual identity, and I support your copy, tone, and voice concepts.
Yay, I'll finally have great copy! But wait, I don't have a designer—can you help?
Ohhh, you are in for a treat. My design partner puts the goosebumps in goosebumpworthy design. Let's talk.
What if I already have a designer?
No probs, I can work with your existing designer to upgrade your copy and brand.
Can you help me with one-off projects?
Yeehaw. I love one-off projects. Shoot it my way and we can talk about how to make it happen.
What can you help me with?
  • Full-day strategy
  • Voice and tone guidelines
  • You can borrow my brain for a brainstorming session
  • We can connect for a copy audit to improve what you’ve already written
  • We can sit down for full- or half-day sessions, where we can hop on a call and write as fast as our hearts desire
  • Video scripts
  • Product packaging text
  • Gift ideas for clients
  • Development of microcopy
  • UX copy
  • Love letters to your friend’s cats
  • Other word-based adventures
Can you help me get rich?
It depends on your definition of rich, but our experience together will be pretty rich anyway though, amiright? So in some words, yep. You will become much richer.

In other words, I can’t like...guarantee you’ll be a bajillionaire after working together, but I do specialize in copy that converts. Plus we can do user testing to ensure your message is juuuuust right and your audience digs it.
Can you write a mean letter to my brother?
I try to only write nice letters, so I can write a nice letter about how upset you are. Will that work?
I’m sick. Will you mail me soup?
Email me your address and whether you have food allergies. I got you.