Super rad

“Working with Kallie is exciting and fun! She's really on point, impressively fast, and the experience overall has been super rad. Kallie helped me articulate the brand and put together a pitch deck that got everyone onboard, including the CFO. Now we're working on the web copy and naming products—it has been a cool, creative collaboration.”

Gulliver Farnan, Founder & Product Designer, State of Nowhere
Highly recommend!

“Kallie has been insanely amazing and helpful in recreating our brand. She was thorough to interview our team to get to know us. She is very professional and knowledgable. She worked with me and we co-collaborated on revising the content. She is full of ideas and both encouraging and honest with her feedback. She is, in fact, "weirdly right." I highly recommend!”

Wynne Stallings, Owner, Soulspring Counseling
New perspective

“Kallie helped me see myself in a new light. I can have a great online presence if I want to and be just as good or better than other brands I had put on a pedestal.”

Dominique Farnan, Founder/CEO, Dotconnect

“The experience of working with Kalie was smooth, flawless and enjoyable. She got my voice and tone.”

Samantha Carbon, Owner, Samantha Carbon Therapy
A beautiful way with words

“Kallie has a beautiful way with words. If you in any way feel your copy may not be where it needs to be,
she is the woman for the job!”

Flore Gimello, Owner, Flore Anaïs

“I absolutely adore Kallie. She's on top of her game. She's proactive and keeps projects moving. There was an immediate sense of trust and mutual respect from the beginning. Kallie has been a remarkable addition in order to provide our clients with that cohesive, end-to-end experience.”

Seana Peele, Founder & Creative Director, This is Brand Habit
A clear and enriched process

“I loved Kallie's enthusiasm. Her process was clear and she was easy to work with. She sped up the process, provided helpful accountability, and enriched the process by adding market data. I look forward to working with Kallie in the future!”

Kiley Zeiler, Founder, The Rest

“Working with Kallie was enjoyable. We had a real connection. The tone of voice for my business needed to be sophisticated but also straightforward and authentic. Kallie listened. She heard me and understood. The tone of voice was genuine and resonated with who I am.”

Jamie Traeger-Muney, Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Wealth Legacy Group
It has to be Kallie!

“I have worked with many copywriters, but none as remarkable as Kallie. She has an unparalleled combination of exceptional talent, mind-boggling speed, reliable professionalism, consistent responsiveness, and a delightful makes-me-smile-all-day-long attitude. When it comes to copy, it has to be Kallie!”

Suzanne Reeves, Brand Strategist & Creative Director, Art+Soul Design