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The Zazel Framework

Our process is based on the life of a badass babe named Zazel.

Back in the day, Rossa Matilda Richter (aka Zazel) was literally shoved into a barrel and shot out like an explosive every day. And that’s just what she did, ya know, for work. She would curl into a ball and explode over screaming crowds while moving at 120 mph.

She became famous for that thing that only she did.
Just like you...
Zazel embraced what made her different and she didn’t try to be anyone else except for her perfect weirdly right cannonball self.

You contemporary Zazelites, you authentic mavericks, you visionary dreamers with streamers, you are the ones for me. Whether you’ve already got your own Zazel act or you’ve just escaped the 9-5 and are clarifying your next act.

You’re my type of people.  The Zazel Framework was created for you—to help you blast your way to success.

Act I: The Heart

It doesn’t really matter where we start; it matters where we want to go. My first obligation to you is to uncover and discover the heart of the thing we’re after—whatever makes you perfectly, weirdly right. I run through fun exercises to identify the heart of your business, whether that’s who you are now or the vision for who you want to become.
“I started by working with someone else, but it didn't pan out. Then I tried to write the copy on my own, but I couldn't get traction. Then I hired Kallie. She was passionate, supportive and got us moving. She saved my project and helped me articulate the brand.”
—Gulliver Farnan, Founder & Product Designer, State of Nowhere

Act II: The Crowd

From there, we get to talking. We get specific about who your audience is, who you want them ideally to be, and then I strike up conversations with them to figure out exactly what they’re missing, why they care about your brand, and why they will care. This step generates the data which we will use to inform the copy strategy.
“Kallie has a broader range of business expertise than I realized. Instead of jumping straight into copy, we got into market research with a survey which greatly enriched the process.”
—Kiley Zeiler, Founder, The Rest

Act III: The Pizazz

We explore and identify a tone that is the exact point it needs to be to reflect your vision and entice your audience. Not the almost-there voice. Not the almost-coulda-been voice. The real real. Then when we’re on the same page, I roll it out into concise copy, concepts, or strategy deliverables that you can fly with.

I’m here to show you how good getting it right can feel, and I’m here to do it by clarifying your tone of voice and then nailing your copy.

“Kallie’s able to capture the voice and brand essence of each of my clients, even when they are from completely different industries—from the jewellery designer to therapist to more holistic clients. She’s able to adapt to the client and the voice that they need. She’s perfect.”
—Seana Peele, Founder & Creative Director, BrandHabit

ACT IV: The Cannon

Next, I synthesize everything by shaping it quickly (it will shock you how fast) into a draft form we can both understand. Then you help me understand the nuances that only you can truly know and I weave that into the copy until it’s sublime.

This is the deliverable. This is where we start to see those big ideas and bigger dreams turn into killer headlines, powerful taglines, and crowd-worthy web copy.

“Kallie’s magic—she consistently transforms ‘good enough’ copy into brag-worthy copy, with just the right hook, just the right headline, just the right turn of phrase. Don’t publish your site, write your video script or launch your sales page without her.”
—Suzanne Reeves, Brand Strategist & Creative Director, Art+Soul Design

Act V: The Confetti

You release the thunder and await the applause, accolations, and conversions.

“Kallie has done for me what I could not have done for myself. She even rekindled my own creativity. Not only did she give my copy more personality, but I’m bringing more of my own voice to the table. Because of all of this, my social media posts are improving and my email marketing is improving.”
—Wynne Stallings, Owner, SoulSpring Counseling