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Fashion Revolution

Flore Anaïs

Flore Anaïs is a fashion brand that was crafted as a solution to the challenges that women have in the workplace. We gave them a brand narrative and copy as revolutionary as they are.
Copy Sample

Every collection at Flore Anaïs is born from the voices of all the women discontentedly tugging at the seams of the workwear industry.

Together, we can change the shape of work.



Flore Gimello, the owner of Flore Anaïs, was on the cusp of launching her new business but she wasn't 100% sold on the web copy.

She knew the importance of ensuring her vision, brand mission and story came across clearly and succinctly. She also wanted the copy to be a little more human, witty, fun and relatable.

"I was looking for a fresh perspective. And someone with a finesse for words."

Enter Tell Tell Copywriting.

What we did...

  • Copy Audit: We started with a detailed copy audit on the content that Flore Anaïs already had.
  • Surveys: We developed a survey for current customers to share their experience with the blahs of the current world of workwear fashion and another for customers who checked out without purchasing to learn what made them hesitate.
  • Strategy: Flore Anaïs needed copy that articulated the revolutionary spirit that fueled every stitch and seam of each garment.
  • Brand Narrative: We understood that Flore Anaïs' clothing is about more than fashion (though it is fashionable.) It’s about creating the future we want to walk into as women. And walking into it in comfortable pants...with pockets. It's about owning our strength, our courage, and hell yeah, our grace.
  • Web Copy: We updated their general mission statement, landing page copy, subscriber pop-up copy, collection pages, product descriptions, and influence page.
  • Voice & Tone Guide: We crafted a detailed voice and tone guide that would help Flore Anaïs set the tone for all future copy.

The Results...

We didn't just create interesting, unique copy. We gave Flore Anaïs a story to tell, a path to walk, and a brand persona that deeply matched their raison d'etre, their reason for being. We articulated a brand position to guide their marketing and copy for years to come.

I feel SO MUCH more confident with the website. Kallie brought brilliant, witty copy—not to mention professionalism, speed and efficiency.
Flore Gimello, Owner, Flore Anaïs