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Hungry Hungry Hustlers


DotConnect is a talent agency with grit. Tell Tell Copywriting crafted a manifesto for the team that was as cool as they are.
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DotConnect continues to build an amazing network of partners and great talent.


If you want shiny, perfect soft recruiters, we’re not for you. If you want us to come hungry, get your plates ready.

DotConnect worked under the radar for a number of years while they grew their team and strategically curated a stellar client base. When they were ready to scale, founder Dominique Farnan decided she was ready to create a bold web presence.

However the team's initial attempts did not do justice to their uniqueness or how valued they were by their clients.

Enter Tell Tell Copywriting.

What we did..

  • Copy Audit: We reviewed their previous site copy, the tone of their top competitors, and the market in general and figured out that DotConnect created high-performing teams but didn't have that high-performing copy to match.
  • Interviews: We did a deep dive with the founder, interviewed team members, and spoke with valued clients. Everyone described the DotConnect team in the same way--as hustlers, as hungry, as gritty, authentic people. We were able to identify that DotConnect's enterprising personality was appreciated by people in their target audience--the AirBnBers, the start-ups, those wild tech positions that need amazing talent.
  • Competitor Analysis: Industry research confirmed there was an opportunity to stand out from the competition by positioning the brand as forthright go-getters willing to go the extra mile.
  • Strategy: Based on our research, interviews and understanding of the target audience, we created a manifesto and defined a voice and tone that set DotConnect apart from the bland, white-bread copy on competitors' sites.
  • Voice & Tone Guidelines: In general, we don't believe in creating edgy copy simply for the sake of being edgy. But in this case, the DotConnect team walks their talk, so we crafted a no-bullshit voice and tone to match their hungry, go-getter approach.

The Result...

The single, powerful proclamation of the manifesto ultimately flowed through to their web copy, guided their hiring and onboarding process, and was used to inspire branded T-shirts, biz cards and identity products that unified DotConnect as a team.

With a refreshed focus on their vision, the team was reinvigorated, united and could create a more consistent experience for their clients.

(Pssst. And they got new candidate leads who cited their differentiated web copy as the main reason they reached out.)

Kallie helped me see myself and our brand in a new light. I can have a great online presence and be just as good or better than those other brands I had previously put on a pedestal.
Dominique Farnan, Founder/CEO, DotConnect