Pay attention to the type of shit people talk about you

Okay, I’m sure people don’t talk shit about you, but if they DID, what type of shit would they say?

Would they say you’re too busy? Too fast? Too eager? Too slow? Too demanding?

Here’s an activity to get your serotonin going: every time someone gives you a negative performance review, a shit critique, or says something ruuuudddeee, write it down.

Here, I’ll start:

  • You’re too fast. Like, sit on it for a while.
  • You’re annoyingly thorough.
  • You’re too wrapped up in the details of the thing.

Your list might look a bit different, but write down everything you can think of and then ask yourself what it says about you, and what type of work you’d be great at.

In my case, I’m too fast. It’s true. I’m fast as hell. Sometimes I’m so fast that I have to pretend like a project took longer than it did so I don’t scare people. Really really. But that means that I know I can handle the world’s worst deadlines. Need something tomorrow? I got you! Need something in the next 2 minutes? Call me. Need something done yesterday? Let me grab my tiny time machine anddddd bam. You have it.

So yes, there is advice like DON’T LISTEN TO THE SHIT PEOPLE TALK, but what if you did? What might you uncover about yourself and how might that help you kill it in your biz?

**I hate saying biz but I kind of like it now. #notsorry.